Job Coaching

Strategy planning, which helps the person in interest to get closer to his professional goal. Creation of a CV, preparation for a professional interview and professional orientation as well.

Life Coaching

It’s the help from a Coach, for whoever is interested and wants to change his life for the better. This is achieved by changing himself or better discovering his true self. Our true self is usually entrapped into prejudices and mistaken, yet well - established beliefs, which have been imprinted from our environment. Life Coaching is neither consultation nor therapy. Life coaching is focused on HERE AND NOW and in all the future possibilities. It boosts the customers to take their life control into their own hands through setting and achieving goals. Life Coaching in 3 words would be: Self Confidence, Self- Esteem, Faith. The advantages and the benefits when working with a Life Coach, are way more than working on your own. It develops your creativity, you set goals and learn the way to achieve them, you redefine the important issues of your life, your wishes and desires, you overcome the beliefs that tend to restrict you and all these without having someone to judge you or discourage you, but instead of that, asking and helping you to find your own answers.